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Ginger Leigh rocks out with the best of them; ax-swinging, sweatin', groovin', beltin' chanteuse. She can make your jaw drop like no other, ripping your heart out with anthem-style ballads. She can crack you up with her Ellen-style dry wit, her old-school-Bette stage antics, classy and crass. Once a fan described Ginger Leigh as "Like Adele with a Joan Jet kick in the ass."

She is a female-Elvis-like chanteuse. Ginger Leigh is a smart artist, a business woman, a fearless personality with her heart on her sleeve, a music-maker, a recording artist, a writer, an actress, a hostess and a stage-lover who goes unchallenged and who is uniquely made up of nothing but pure love, hard work, natural talent and unstoppable drive.

She manages to deliver her message about living outside of the box with contemporary powerful up-beat rhythms and melodies that come from her varied background and a family of 5 generations of professional musicians. Her career was kick-started as the lead-singer in her first professional performing band at the age of 9.

Leigh is prolific, driven, and generous. You will often find her assembling other musicians for causes, for her own concert-series “Love.” established in 2003, and for international touring in Europe, specifically based in Italy. Leigh has been emcee to countless events and fundraisers. Not only does Leigh work hard at promoting her own musical endeavors, but is also a published writer.

Leigh played the lead role as Maureen in Zach Scott's rendition of RENT and received rave reviews! Ginger Leigh also takes her performance and production ability and applies it to various small and large scale events. For 7 years, Ginger produced and hosted sophisticated parties surrounding Formula 1 and other races that come to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin.

A multi-preneur, Ginger has countless creative skills which include interior design, graphic design, business development and believe it or not, one of her passions is genealogical adoption research.

A true chameleon, Leigh appeals to a large demographic around the globe, with whom she stays in close contact via her studio releases, her writings, her mailers and blogs, while also receiving radio play and rave reviews in publications around the world.

While listening to Ginger Leigh’s records or while watching her passionate performance on stage, you hardly realize that much of her music is serious. She comes across with a lightness and ease, lifting you up! She is in constant celebration of life’s questions and struggles. Her music is empowering, thus allowing her to be a chameleon in the genre-based world of the music business. This she does with a piercing clarity, power and seduction as irresistible as the blue eyes with which she sings to you from stage.

From the Austin Chronicle

Tenth disc in two decades-plus, Hey Funky You isn’t your typical ATX singer-songwriter fare. The big Beck bomp of her opening title track gives way to a sui generis mix of originals and covers of songs from Sarah McLachlan, Chris Thile & Gary Louris, and a pair of Concrete Blonde Bloodletting offerings. Think ZZ Ward for the Triple-A set. – Raoul Hernandez

"The best voice to ever come out of Austin!" - David Williams

"Ginger Leigh is AMAZING! She is a brilliant, talented superb vocalist, songwriter, iconic Austin performer brought up in a pro music family! Entrepreneur, mover and shaker...definitely someone who makes things happen!" - Shelley King

"Ginger Leigh, your voice is so strong and so true and I love the way you capture music and make it yours. I especially loved watching you and your band play with so much joy and love for what you do. It literally poured out in every note you sang and played. Thank you!" - Sofi

Ginger Leigh is ranked #1 on the Reverbnation Pop charts for Austin, #15 Nationally, and #18 Globally.

Ginger Leigh is in the top 300 global artists by Deli Magazine.

"Thank you also for the many many hours of enjoyment Mark Bentley and I have spent listening to your marvelous music!!! You represent the best of what Austin musicians are all about!! - Charlsa Bentley

"Ginger Leigh is a goddess on the mic." - Victor Price

"Ginger Leigh CD party poolside at the W Austin reminded me why this singer will always attract a stylish, musically attentive crowd." – Michael Barnes, Austin American Statesmen

“If there is any one artist in Austin right now that would be considered capable of becoming a viable, bankable nationwide star, it would be Ginger Leigh. Hands down.”- Greg Roberts,

"There’s a line in a Bonnie Raitt song that unbeknownst to Raitt, describes Ginger Leigh's style as a musician and performer perfectly: “She’s a walking contradiction.” Leigh struts out on stage, part Bette Midler vamp, part Gibson SG axe swinging rock star. As one of the reigning divas of the Austin Indie scene, Leigh combines her on-stage cabaret antics with soulful lyrics and passionate delivery." -From Marquee Magazine, Colorado, By Katharine Nesbitt

“Leigh will open ears, move souls and stir feelings, on this continent and others”.- Jim Beal, KSYM-FM

"I wanted to share my impressions of you and your band's show last night at the Saxon Pub. This was my first Ginger Leigh show, but it certainly won't be my last. It's been many years since the last time I saw a show at the Saxon (Rusty Weir was playing). The venue is a bit small, but the atmosphere was South Austin friendly all the way. The lead-in act was very entertaining and I thought was a good match for you and your band.

I was very impressed with your professional response to your guitar issue, It seemed like you and your band had to shuffle around the set list, which I thought was handled with aplomb. By the way, the fact that an audience member stepped up to fix your guitar just seems so emblematic of what an Austin live music experience is all about,doesn't it?

Throughout the show, your band supported you very well, displaying musical talent, poise and enthusiasm. They are keepers.

As for your performance, I was so impressed with your range and control of your voice. I was sort of hoping to hear you sing in Italian or French, but another time, maybe. Your charisma with the audience repartee was loud and clear. I am always impressed with folks who take their work seriously, but never themselves. You have that in spades. There were a couple of songs where your hips seemed to be speaking their own language. From a straight man's perspective, it was very hot. There were a couple of lesbians sitting at my table and I snuck a peek at their reactions to your hips, and they were beaming, giggling and whispering in each other's ears. Two thumbs up from them, I suspect. Oooh, that's a vision, isn't it?

Like I said, I will definitely attend more Ginger shows. I love your voice, your band, your attitude and your creativity. Count on my support in the future. Great fucking show!" - R. Mann

"So I finally got down to the Saxon to check out what all the hoopla was about Ginger Leigh...Well I found out...God Damn she can sing !!! I was impressed with the different textures and especially the varying atmospheres she creates....I was able to let myself go emotionally and close my eyes a few times and go to those places....She and her band did a great version of John Prine's "Angel from Montgomery" It was totally her own, not at all like the Bonnie Raitt/Prine version...I quite prefer Ms.Leigh's interpretation..(no offense Bonnie).... Her ballads are great with strong narratives, and i really dug the way she moves on stage..It seems very naturally and not forced like you sometimes see with rock bands, who are deficient in talent and make up for it with that whole Rock-n-Roll swagger kinda thing. With Ginger it was REAL a very rhythmic...I bet she's a great dancer..Okay..I am done..Thank you Ms.Leigh..." Ed Hattaway

"GINGER LEIGH'S 'AMAZING' You can take that headline one of two ways: Ginger Leigh has a new album out, called Amazing, or you know, Ginger Leigh is amazing. Why not both? Check it out online." - Austin Chronicle

"A Ginger Leigh show is an entertainment experience that appeals to all generations with a genre crossing evening of personalized stage-to-audience conversation. My first impression was that of Liza Mannelli with a drawl. She immediately creates a connection with the audience, pulling them into the performance/ conversation. Her delivery is confident and so expressive that you can tell that she is as focused on each word of the lyrics as she is on the note that she’s hitting. The note and the word are one." - James Killen, Houston Music Review

“I’m always amazed with artists in Austin, especially when John Pointer and Ginger Leigh hit the stage, beautiful happens in front of your ears.” - Texas Music Critic, Texas Music Critic

"A new video from one of my favorite Chartreuses Ginger Leigh!! Very interesting imagery here, and of course, that sultry, sexy, smokiness that fans the flame of incredible talent that IS the essence of Ms. Ginger Leigh!! SO lucky to have this one in my life - you should get her in yours too!!" - House Concert Owner, Stevie Baer

"Ginger Leigh's sassy Vivo(Love.Music) highlights her singer-songwriter pop in a live setting. Fans of Vera Takes the Cake, her former duo with Sarah Dashew, will recall Leigh's bright and witty stage presence with pleasure, bolstered at this Momos recording by 10 of her compositions, including the inspirational "Charge Laughing." - Austin Chronicle

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Ginger Leigh with Golden Age Orchestra Photo: De Ann Hoeft

“Ginger Leigh, who sang a song without accompaniment and without a microphone gave a great display of vocal virtuosity.”Albenga Corsara (Italy), Albenga Corsara (Italy)

“Leigh exudes a raw sexiness along with a playful cartoonish exterior all at the same time as a front woman to a solid band! Her confidence and swagger out front oozes into you and makes you feel part of the gig. “Edge Ferranti, Houston Music Review

“Ginger Leigh has a voice so powerful and lyrics so visceral, you can’t help but feel a little better about the world just listening to her. Her confident stage presence is both soothing and exhilerating. A prolific writer and unflappable performer…” Origin Magazine (National USA Distribution)

"GINGER LEIGH Gingerly. Is that how Ginger sings? Hell naw. This babe belts it." - Austin Chronicle

Would've been good to see this song performed live to hear you without multiple vocal tracks and perhaps a bit more raw, although I was able to get plenty of that by checking out your backstage area. As for the song itself, I like the warm-but-unsettling atmosphere, the lyrical imagery and the bluesy guitar twang, and you've got a really powerful, dusky voice that commands attention from the start. Yours is one of the few songs this season that, no pun intended, I couldn't get out of my head -- maybe it was the repetition (done well here, I might add), but my odds are on the quality of the songwriting. Good luck! --CLOSE ENOUGH - Steve Hochman

Bonus points for the Koper, Slovenia setting! A gorgeous town -- and what are the odds that the critic assigned this would have been there? This is testimony that there is no better experience for a musician than to get on the road and play in front of audiences all over the world, under whatever conditions present themselves. Certainly not an easy route, but the payoff in terms of skills clearly pays off, as seen in the way Leigh relates to an audience, lets the song unfold its story, even for fans who don't speak a lot of English (though extra bonus points for slipping into, what was that, Italian? That would make sense given the stream of Italian tourists in Koper). Stylistically, this is a solid throwback to the still-sturdy values of '70s singer-songwriters who learned their trade the same way. Hard to compare to most of the others in this category, but this stands on its own. --CHARGE LAUGHING

“Leigh is a profound singer-songwriter-actress who has released 8 albums to date and toured the world. Ginger cares about the music and more so she cares about and touts other musicians. She never lets you down and always has made me feel entertained whenever I’ve seen her. Her personality and music are one in that passion empowers throughout every gig. I feel the need to sit up and take notice and those killer eyes she flashes at ya with a wink and smile make it easy to enjoy thee experience.” - Edge Ferranti, Houston Music Review

ARCHIVE 1999 Ambush Magazine

Ginger & Sarah Band Hop A Ride On Oprah's Oxygen Media Tour

On Thurs., Oct. 28, The Ginger & Sarah Band, Austin's funky, powerful, harmonically-charged pop band, will kickoff their leg of the Oxygen Media "National Tank Tour" in New York City at Union Square. The Ginger & Sarah Band will be joining the tour for their New York City, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles stops through the end of the year. The brainchild of Lifetime TV and Nickelodeon visionary, Geraldine Laybourne, Oxygen Media is a multimedia company aimed at women, that combines the power of television with the interactivity and specificity of the Internet. Talk show host Oprah Winfrey and Marcy Carsey, Thomas Werner and Caryn Mandaback, the team that created The Cosby Show and 3rd Rock From the Sun among others, partnered with Laybourne to create Oxygen Media.

The Oxygen Media Tank Tour is designed to introduce Oxygen Media's newest Internet site,, to women across the US. In addition to the musical stage, the Tour will feature an interactive area where visitors can tour the Web site and a Starbuck's refreshment pavilion. "We have been big fans of the Oxygen Media founders and are extremely honored to be recognized by such a visionary group of women," said singer and songwriter Sarah Dashew. "We are looking forward to sharing a little bit of our funky Austin groove with those New Yorkers!" Partner Ginger Leigh added, "Yeah, this is a perfect partnership for us. Our own Web site has been extremely successful and are psyched to be a part of theirs." Other New York Tank Tour performances will take place at the Southside Seaport and in Madison Square Garden's outer arena. The Ginger & Sarah Band will be returning to Austin for their Nov. 5 performance at The Caucus Club. This performance will be billed as a birthday celebration for both Dashew and Leigh. Log onto for more info. on the Tank Tour, their birthday celebration and other upcoming shows.

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ARCHIVE 2009 L Style G Style

Each of Leigh’s songs contains all the multitudes and variance of her experience – and of ours – fueled by her interest in reading about politics and history, religion, sociology and sexuality. “Is that politics? Or is that life’s beautiful bullshit?” she asks. “Reading that kind of material makes me think and makes me see the world in a certain way. I draw on all of that to write my songs.”

“Top 10 Most Memorable Locally Produced Live Performance Offerings That I Chanced To See in 2010 ‘RENT’ (ZACH THEATRE) A visually stunning street celebration of a landmark piece of theatrical history, with Joshua Denning and Ginger Leigh stealing the show. Directed by Dave Steakley.”- Barry Pineo, Austin Chronicle

“Brassy and sassy and in control. That’s Ginger…GL is very demonstrative and joyful always. She can be like a real life animated cartoon on stage and then slide into a hot and sexy Elvis personality.”- Edge Ferranti, Houston Music Review

“Leigh is part of the irrepressible Cones Sisters family, so she knows how to work a stage and a song. The singer-songwriter can also shake the chill off any December night. If you need a reminder, just listen to her powerful song “Jetstream.” “- Jim Beal, My San Antonio

“You might think you know Ginger Leigh. Guess again. In Zach Theatre’s new production of Rent, the folk-pop belter transforms into Maureen Johnson…Leigh pulled it off with sheer attitude and conviction…” Austin Powell, Austin Chronicle

“San Antonio native Leigh is a singer and songwriter with strong pipes and the talent to sidestep genres while serving up everything from folk to jazz to pop to rock. It’s always fun to go along on a Ginger Leigh musical ride.” Jim Beal,San Antonio Express News, MYSA.COM

“…a total vocal warrior whose bawdy, soulful voice is seamless & relentless with no apparent boundaries or borders. She just doesn’t sing a song, she literally pulls the nails out of the stage floor with a powerful, hell bent delivery that is tempered with a silky sexiness in all the right places”Greg Roberts,


“Ginger is at heart a cabaret singer … I would put her up against Bette Midler in her prime any day of the month. One reason – “I will not let myself fail.”” – Duggan Flanakin,

“…Their up-beat tempo, funky guitar rhythms, and awesome vocal stylings left me all warm and fuzzy inside, and feet a little sore after dancing. WOW! This is some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time….I couldn’t turn it off until it was finished.” – Erick Willing,

“…’Crazy Anyway’ features and enticing trumpet solo from Ephraim Owens, and the two ladies vocals are always husky and sassified…Probably just the thing for Dave Matthews Band fans…” – Christopher Gray, Austin Chronicle

“[Ginger] moves as a woman who is as familiar w/ the stage as her own bedroom. There are strong undercurrents of pop, funk & jazz present w/ a hint of gospel & a splash of rock as well…a fun stage demeanor & good looks, I think you’ll find that Ginger does indeed take the cake.” – Matt Ferguson, Galaxy Entertainment, The Daily University Star

“GL brought a ball busting personality right out of the gate & never let up. She’s a self motivator deluxe. Lots of Bette Midler balls on this lady, but blended w/ ROCK of a Joan Jett & smoothness of Bonnie Raitt. Antics abounded in a way that had me laughing as much as I was enjoying the music. ” Eddie Ferranti, Houston Music Review

“A cross between Bette Midler and Bonnie Raitt, Leigh will romance you with her sharp wit and enduring charm. ” –Tulsa World

“Don’t Be Shy is the advice she’s always given herself to record whatever she damn well pleases. [It] marks her new CD w/ confident mastery [in songs] which frame her formidable vocals with cool pop jazziness. This one of Leigh’s finest discs yet. ” Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle

“Don’t Be Shy is made up of sweet but sassy tunes, complete w/ thoughtful, smart lyrics. Overall, years of experience and musical experimenting have resulted in an album that manages to showcase Leigh’s eclectic style. She moves and grooves to her own signature beat and does so with obvious confidence. “-Daniela Garcia ,

“Leigh struts out on stage, part Bette Midler vamp, part Gibson SG axe swinging rock star. As one of the reigning divas of the Austin Indie scene, Leigh combines her on-stage cabaret antics with soulful lyrics and passionate delivery.” -Marquee Magazine, Colorado

“Leigh’s music is akin to the iron fist in the velvet glove.” -Jim, Beal San Antonio Express News

“[Sugar in My Coffee] We are talking about intelligent music for adults here. Miles away from fluffy bunny land. This is gritty stuff… Classy music with a conscience. Honest, direct and confrontational lyrics. And you hum the tunes. You can’t ask for more than that.”-

“Smarts is something Ginger Leigh has always demonstrated and her release from earlier this year, Sugar in My Coffee, is another jolt of java-laced groove and sweetly composed tunes…Leigh strikes a delicate balance between style, substance, and unrestrained rock & roll.." – Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle

“Her soulful voice glides across heartstrings like bow to cello, mixing elements of jazz, blues, rock and pop.” – Austin Woman Magazine

Ginger Leigh CD party poolside at the W Austin reminded me why this singer will always attract a stylish, musically attentive crowd. – Michael Barnes, Austin American Statesmen

Ginger Leigh. Photo by De Ann Hoeft

This is an “Amazing” CD. No pun intended. The vocals and production are beautiful. I fell in love with this CD. I’m really picky when it comes to production and this CD delivers an A+. I love how the music is given the room to breathe. The vocals are perfect. The harmonies are sometimes gospel in sound, perfectly done. The music is a collection that offers something for everyone. You should definitely buy this CD!

One does not simply sit still during a Ginger Leigh concert. Between the siren call of her voice and the infectious rhythms of her songs, you will be tappin’, slappin’, clappin’, bobbin’ or dancin’ – either in your seat or on your feet. - Dave Goodwin, Mansfield, Texas

Ginger Leigh is an incredible singer! She covers a refreshing variety of music with her talented range of voice and her infectious range of musical styles. She has just released a new CD “Amazing”. Great name of the CD! This song is sung in Italian and displays the range of her talent which is simply “Amazing”! ♥ - Ivy, fan Austin, Texas

Wow, what a performance! It was rocking, soulful storytelling of the highest caliber. Is there any genre that Ginger hasn’t mastered? - Dave, fan Mansfield, Texas

Really Enjoyed your concert in Mansfiled last nite .. My friend Nelly said you were great .. but Wow! Thank You .. last nite topped off my weekend! – Gin, fan from Ft. Worth

A Ginger Leigh show is an entertainment experience that appeals to all generations with a genre crossing evening of personalized stage-to-audience conversation. My first impression was that of Liza Mannelli with a drawl. She immediately creates a connection with the audience, pulling them into the performance/ conversation. Her delivery is confident and so expressive that you can tell that she is as focused on each word of the lyrics as she is on the note that she’s hitting. The note and the word are one. - James Killen, Houston Music Review

Enjoy the show! Positive review, so keep me on the mailing list !!

Great thought provoking lyric, awesome musicianship, witty interjections… Very spirited show!

Thank you for bringing it ! -RedMK, Fan from Houston

Awesome show..can’t wait to listen to the CD but somehow I can’t imagine it would come close to the live performance. So much energy, so much fun..I am so glad I got to spend my Friday night at such a great event. Thanks for “bringing it”! -Betsy Stein, Fan from Houston

“My Dear” is my new favorite Ginger Leigh song! Great melody and heart felt, breathtaking vocals! It’s a winner. Check out Ginger’s new CD, Amazing! “My Dear” is one track of a great musical journey. - Sharman, Fan from Houston



Now the first thing I know about Ginger Leigh is that she can laugh at herself — and while she truly IS “Amazing,” the only time she might try to pull that one off on you is if she is doing card tricks or a magic stunt. Just for effects. Because first and foremost, Ginger is a showman, the daughter of show business, and holder of what amounts to a Ph.D. in entertainment.

On the other hand, Ginger is by no means all glitter and no guts — she has made some hard choices that have sometimes had hidden or even very visible costs. Not that long ago, Ginger hosted one of the best song series in my Austin memory — at Flamingo Cantina. She has also appeared on stage at the Zachary Scott Theatre and performed all over Europe, put out numerous albums (most of which I have been privileged to review), and become a real force in this little river town.

I grabbed the new CD from Ginger in a handoff at the W Hotel as both of us were in the middle of business meetings … and smiled as she gave me a huge hug. She also thanked me for turning her onto Sarah’s new disc, noting that hers is heavily produced and Sarah’s is much starker — evidence of the very disparate directions their musical paths have taken since the days of the Ginger and Sarah Show (in which Sarah was clearly the straight woman and Ginger the comic — well, most of the time).

Back to the present — The title cut, “Amazing,” was written by Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde. Ginger also covers Dayna Kurtz, Nino Ferrer (in Italian), and Mark Addison and Nina Singh (twice) — and the rest are all her own songs (though she truly makes other people’s songs her own as well). At least two — “Better Than Well” and “Jetstream” — are studio remakes of songs on her prior album, “Better Than Well: Live at the Saxon .” One cannot mention GInger (or John Pointer) without also mentioning Patronism and the many patrons who contribute monthly toward her art. Check it out!

Ginger is joined in the studio by longtime collaborator and boy genius John Pointer on guitars and vocals, Dave Madden and Stewart Cochran on keyboards, Nina Singh herself on drums, Frank Favacho on percussion, Jeff Botta on bass, Jake Langely on lead guitar on three cuts, and the lovely Wendy Colonna on backing vocals on four songs. Cris Burns was the engineer at Summit Studio in Austin, and Ginger was her own producer. Even though this is a studio recording, you get that same sense of joy that you got from the prior live record — that you are AT a Ginger Leigh show, and for me that is as good as it was for OLDER people to get to see Bette Midler live and up close. Except Ginger is a LOT cuter!

One of the special features of this recording is Ginger singing along to an old recording of her grandmother Jane Tutu Cones (who passed away last year at the age of 82) to “That’s My Desire,” written by Helmy Kresa and Carroll Lovesday a very long time ago. (You may remember the Louis Armstrong version.) Ginger’s grandma had her own radio show in San Antonio and sang with Big Bands locally and nationally — and she was the mother to the Cones Sisters (including Ginger’s mom) — which makes Ginger at least a third generation entertainer.

The title song is power pop (as done by Ginger). Her own song “Your Place,” which follows, is sort of jazzy funk .. perfect for sloppy slow dancing. I almost visualize Michael Jackson slipping and sliding on the dance floor. The Dayna Kurtz ballad, “Love Gets in the Way,” is squeeze her tight and don’t let go slow dancing,. Longtime fans will recognize the true funk in “Better Than Well,” which is also an anthem to Ginger’s recovery from breast cancer … and a huge celebration of life lived to its fullest.

“Driver’s Seat” is a bittersweet ballad about her family and a lost love … “I wanted more than you could give to me … “ with this great line, “you were my continent and I was your city,” that describes the difference in commitment level that led to the end of a vision. “My Dear” evokes the spirit of the Broadway ballad — theatrical, showing Ginger’s emotional vocal range. “Jetstream,” remains for me maybe Ginger’s best song in ten years … a power ballad she just belts out, showing the pain that evokes the call to “rescue me.”

The musical journey of Mark Addison and Nina Singh began (I am told) with The Borrowers in a land long ago and far away (Los Angeles), then moved the band to Austin and released more music, some under the name KittyGordon (about the time I got to Austin and started paying attention). I will post an update later that gives better information on their two songs covered by Ginger here.

“Godspeed” closes out the album (well, not really) — Ginger sings that “there are no boundaries placed on our dreams … Life is all about living — no regrets and no shame.” Not so oddly, this song has the same message of sorts that closes out Sarah’s latest album — that despite the failure (or just the temporality) of hoped for long-term relationships, we just have to keep on flying through life. The “bonus” track, “Bring Back the Light,” is a sort of slower soul pop that reminds me of Lauryn Hill.

Ginger has a show (I think it is a CD release) scheduled on April 26 at One 2 One Bar. I would plan on getting there early and grabbing a drink or two. Once the music starts you will neither have the time nor the inclination. With the band she is sure to assemble for the show, you too will fixated on the stage! -

Fan Quotes

"Ginger has performed at several of our house concerts over the past few years, and every performance has been memorable. To say that Ginger is an Austin singer-songwriter may be accurate, but it seems like such an understatement. Ginger is so much more than a singer and songwriter. She is a creative force, a stage performer, an actress, a writer, and an entertainer who takes her audiences on a journey full of rhythm, melody, humor, emotion and style." - Jim Tilly, Tulsa, OK

"Always a delight to see, and hear, and never failing to satisfy your heart and your soul with her broad repertoire, Ginger will heat you up, grind you down, then cool you off, before making you beg for more -but you don't have to beg - just be there!!" - Stevie Bear, owner of Bear's Lair Concert Series.

Barton Creek Living Magazine November 2014 Issue