Lighthearted living with passion.


Photos by Sandie Ward Photography (Left) and De Ann Hoeft (Right)

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Ginger Leigh is a fierce entertainer, a multi-preneur and a connector who is fearlessly committed to her performances, her skills, her businesses and the people they serve. In the complex world in which we live, Ginger Leigh manages to gracefully pull from her natural abilities to be a creative host to many skill sets and unapologetically and powerfully delivers her many assets with ease! Being The Musician, The Interior Designer, The Actress, The Writer and believe it or not, the Rock Star Genealogist takes drive and an unending love of being alive in today's incredibly exciting time!

Ginger is a purpose-led achiever. She is class and crass rolled up in one dedicated woman. She leads with humor and unstoppable passion. She transforms the mood, the situation, turning lead into gold, sadness into joy and humor. She transforms a space into a place where someone loves to be. She transforms a broken family history and makes a wholeness out of it. Ginger Leigh is a spacial and social alchemist; taking things to their next level with positive vibes, a variety of music styles, laughter, color, family and connectedness.


From the Austin Chronicle

Tenth disc in two decades-plus, Hey Funky You isn’t your typical ATX singer-songwriter fare. The big Beck bomp of her opening title track gives way to a sui generis mix of originals and covers of songs from Sarah McLachlan, Chris Thile & Gary Louris, and a pair of Concrete Blonde Bloodletting offerings. Think ZZ Ward for the Triple-A set. – Raoul Hernandez

A Dynamic Woman

Ginger Leigh & John Pointer at ACL Live
Ginger Leigh hosting & emceeing at ACL Live at the Moody
Ginger Leigh & Dennis Quaid
Ginger Leigh, Taylor Kinney & Johnny
Love. at the Stateside
Lukas Nelson & Ginger Leigh
Ginger Leigh


Ginger Leigh

Ginger Leigh is ranked #1 on the Reverbnation Pop charts for Austin, #15 Nationally, and #18 Globally.

Ginger Leigh is in the top 300 global artists, ranking at #88 by Deli Magazine.

Ginger Leigh is currently recording her 10th CD and has toured the globe with her music.

Ginger, Oh, Ginger. A little bit cornball, a little bit rock-n-roll. Classy, sassy and in control, Ginger Leigh owns the room, is playful with the audience, delivers a rock song with grit, a big vocal ballad with emotion, a sex appeal with style. Her version of contemporary adult pop is like no other. You can find her solo with an acoustic guitar at a folk listening room. You can find her big and loud at a rock club. You can find her with her audience eating out of the palm of her hand at a theater concert. Above all, Ginger Leigh is a chameleon like no other. She is a social tigress. A philanthropist, actress, writer, adventurer and business woman.

"There’s a line in a Bonnie Raitt song that unbeknownst to Raitt, describes Ginger Leigh's style as a musician and performer perfectly: “She’s a walking contradiction.” Leigh struts out on stage, part Bette Midler vamp, part Gibson SG axe swinging rock star. As one of the reigning divas of the Austin Indie scene, Leigh combines her on-stage cabaret antics with soulful lyrics and passionate delivery."

Marquee Magazine, Colorado