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What do my nephew, my birthday and Formula One™ have in common? Not much! But I thought I'd throw them all together in one message to you, my friend! My Nephew, Colter: I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your contributions, no matter how big or small! My brother has the opportunity to help this precious boy with a very successful stem cell treatment. We are asking for your contributions to help them make this happen. We've raised almost $7000! The goal is $22,000, so we are inching there, little by little, by the giving hearts of friends, family, fans and strangers. And consider it my birthday present! My actual birthday is November 1st! Yes, my mother went into labor on Halloween and I came out to see my aunts in costume and thought "THIS IS GOING TO BE FUUUUUUUN!" And it is! Life is great, often challenging, but I'm so thankful for all that I have, am and will be. Your support of my career has been a major blessing to me. So thank you! If you are in Austin, we will celebrate on November 4th at the One 2 One Bar at 8pm.1509 S. Lamar 78704 GONNA BE SPECIAL! And in Houston, we will celebrate a bit late: November 11th at Anderson Fair! Also a special treat! Lastly, some of you know that I spend a lot of my year preparing for a huge high end event I produce for the Formula One™ race weekend in Austin! This weekend (Oct 21 and 22) will be our 5th year of fabulous and we are benefiting the! If you would like to join us for this fancy affair, please use my special discount code for 20% off! Ginger20 http://WWW.BLUPARTYATX.COM (No, I am not performing. I'm producing and hosting.) PHEWWWWY! That was a lot to get out! What a life! LOVE IT! XO GL

Hey, funky you! See you in a few hours at the Saxon Pub! We go on from 9-10:30pm! Awesome band tonight, folks! Kris Brown and Scott Clark on guitars and vocals, Katie Marie on drums, Tim McMaster on bass and vocals and Cole El-Saleh on keys! HELLO! See you shortly, Darling! GL

Good morning, Love! If you are in Austin, I want to remind you that we will #PACKTHESAXON this Friday, October 14th at 9pm! If you are in Houston, I'm at Anderson Fair on November 11th! And for all of you, everywhere, I'm asking for your help for a stem cell treatment for my nephew, Colter. We are asking for your help with the campaign to get him a very successful stem cell treatment for autism. This could be a major turning point in his life with your help (no matter how big or small). Thank you for your contributions help Sweet Colter. God bless you and yours! {PS. There is a great video on the GoFundMe page!} If: 1000 people donate $20, we'll meet the goal! 2000 people donate $10, we'll meet the goal! 500 people donate $40, we'll meet the goal! 250 people donate $80, we'll meet the goal! 125 people donate $160, we'll meet the goal! Sounds pretty simple! THANK YOU for whatever you can do! AUSTINITES!! See you this Friday, October 14th at 9pm at the Saxon Pub! I have a fabulous band playing with me Friday. Let's rock this thing!