Ginger Leigh rocks out with the best of them; ax-swinging, sweatin', groovin', beltin' chanteuse. She can make your jaw drop like no other, ripping your heart out with anthem-style ballads. She can crack you up with her Ellen-style dry wit, her old-school-Bette stage antics, classy and crass. She can make her fingers bleed on her guitar strings, yet she can be as gentle as a jazz singer in a smokey NYC bar. She is Adult Contemporary/Pop/Rock, yet she is Jazz, she is Rock, she is Latin, She is one-of-a-kind, sexy and funny. She is a female-Elvis-like chanteuse. Ginger Leigh is a smart artist, a business woman, a music-maker, a recording artist, a writer, an actress, a hostess and a stage-lover who goes unchallenged and who is uniquely made up of nothing but pure love, hard work, unbeatable talent and unstoppable drive. She manages to deliver her message about living outside of the box with contemporary powerful up-beat rhythms and melodies that come from her varied background and a family of 5 generations of professional musicians. Her career was kick-started as the lead-singer in her first professional performing band at the age of 9.

Leigh's newest CD, "Amazing," is highly-anticipated by fans and the entertainment industry alike. With it's polished, contemporary sound, "Amazing" shares elements of James Bond-inspired action-songs and ballads, as well as strong currents of radio pop, silky vocal sincerity and a cinematic tone that drives this record to the top of your playlist. It is delightful, as much as it has attitude. It is deeply moving, as much as it is lighthearted. "Amazing" shares songs from today and from decades past, showcasing Ginger Leigh's uniquely diverse talent and her ability to cross genres with ease. 

Leigh is prolific, driven, and generous. You will often find her assembling other musicians for causes, for her own concert-series “Love. on the Lawn” established in 2003, and for international touring in Italy. For three years in a row, Leigh has been the official emcee at the Houston Women’s Music Festival. Not only does Leigh work hard at promoting her own musical endeavors, but is also a published music critic for Central Texas’ N2 Magazine. Leigh played a lead role, Maureen, in Zach Scott's rendition of RENT, and received rave reviews! Ginger Leigh also takes her performance and production ability and applies it to Formula VIP Events. She is the Executive Producer of high-end, sophisticated parties surrounding Formula 1 and other races that come to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. A true chameleon, Leigh appeals to a large demographic around the globe, with whom she stays in close contact via her CD’s, her writings, her mailers and blogs, while also receiving radio play and rave reviews in publications around the world.

While listening to Ginger Leigh’s records or while watching her passionate performance on stage, you hardly realize that much of her music is serious. She comes across with a lightness and ease, lifting you up! She is in constant celebration of life’s questions and struggles. Her music is empowering, thus allowing her to be a chameleon in the genre-based world of the music business. This she does with a piercing clarity, power and seduction as irresistible as the blue eyes with which she sings to you from stage.


GINGER LEIGH is a courageous, versatile vocalist, stage performer, guitarist, songwriter, actress, business woman and globe-trotter. She takes her audiences on a journey full of rhythm, melody, humor, emotion and style. From rock to pop to jazz to country, she is a "contemporary variety" that goes unmatched.

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